Bristle Brush by Berto Viana

By Berto Viana

Bristle Brush by Berto Viana



Flexible bristle brush by Berto Viana.
This brush provides more traction on the hair strands making the detangling smooth and easy, effortless and without pulling. Reduces risk of hair breakage.
The ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the curvature of the scalp, allowing greater control when brushing.
The perfect brush even to untangle even the most stubborn hair.

Flexible bristles with rounded tips for greater comfort
- Ergonomic design for excellent results from root to tip
- Arched comb head: arched design, elegant appearance
- Massage function: the bristles that make up the brush allow the massage function, promoting hair growth
- Soft grip, smoother and more comfortable
- Reduction of damage to the hair strand during brushing

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