About Us

Berto Viana and Victor Botelho

Hair Specialist's

Hair care go hand in hand with the name of Berto Viana & Victor Botelho . We've been working on this for what seems like a lifetime, so we can't believe it's finally here!
We built our hairline from scratch, it taught us a lot and we are so blessed with that knowledge to apply to our clients.
It's a totally new adventure, production, service, packaging etc.
In addition to our life in the salon, it was a challenge, but here we are! We have the best of the best for you!
Everything is cruelty free. Everything is Vegan. And suitable for all hair types. Everything was very thought out and idealized for you to receive the products in a perfect way.
Make sure you follow @bertoviana to stay up to date. All our love was involved in this! It all started with LOVE, and HAIR got stronger.